Suicide Awareness in the Workplace with Robert Olson, Hilary Sirman and Akash Asif

Centre for Suicide Prevention works with corporate and public sector clients to educate and train employees and teams on simple steps for suicide awareness and prevention.

Through providing practical resources and new approaches to training on managing employee mental health, how to cope effectively and how to support others in our workplaces, families and communities, CSP continues to build the internal capacities of organizations and individuals to prevent suicide by learning to support themselves and those around them.

Our facilitated session will focus on myths and facts of suicide, the impact of suicide, how to begin a conversation with someone you may be worried about, and details about CSP’s education and training services available to all organizations across Alberta

Suicide Awareness in the Workplace Powerpoint Presentation – Centre for Suicide Prevention


Hilary Sirman | Centre for Suicide Prevention

Robert Olson | Centre for Suicide Prevention

Akash Asif | Centre for Suicide Prevention


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