Keynote Address with Dr. Susan Biali Haas


Becoming Whole Again Powerpoint Presentation – Dr. Susan Biali

Resilience is a measure of an individual’s capacity to recover from difficulties. In this compelling presentation based on lived experience, Dr. Biali Haas combines her message of hope and inspiration with evidence-based advice on how to build mental health and resilience in challenging times.

From her extensive knowledge base spanning physical and mental health, human well-being, behavioral psychology, and coaching principles, Dr. Biali Haas will illustrate personal, professional and organizational strategies to fortify your mind, body and life.

Topics covered:

  • Biali Haas’ personal lived experience with depression, burnout and trauma-related anxiety
  • Understanding Burnout Syndrome: Definition, signs and symptoms
  • Burnout Prevention and Recovery: Fundamental organizational and personal strategies
  • Keys for Resilience: How to resource yourself and others through difficult times
  • A simple, powerful framework for creating work-life balance in times of overwhelm
Dr. Susan Biali Haas is an award-winning Medical Doctor who is an internationally recognized expert in stress management, burnout prevention and human resilience. Dr. Biali Haas overcame burnout and depression at the beginning of her career, quickly becoming an internationally recognized influencer in health and well-being. With over two decades spent studying wellness and resiliency, eighteen years of clinical experience with thousands of patients, and more than ten years coaching clients worldwide, Dr. Biali Haas is exceptionally skilled at equipping people to live better lives. As a popular blogger for Psychology Today, Dr. Biali Haas’ posts have attracted more than 9 million views. She has been featured on The Today Show and The Marilyn Denis Show, and her opinions have appeared in, Forbes, Fast Company, The Chicago Tribune, Self, Fitness, Health, Martha Stewart Living, People, InStyle, Elle, Prevention, The Washington Post, The New York Post and The Globe and Mail. She coaches a broad range of clients from around the world — from military leaders and senior executives to physicians and other health care professionals — to take control of their mental and physical health and live more impactful, meaningful lives. Whether leading an intimate workshop or delivering a rousing keynote to thousands, Dr. Biali Haas shines as a passionate teacher. For over 15 years a variety of  organizations, government agencies, associations, and universities have invited her to speak, spanning North America from Canada’s Yukon territory, across the U.S. and into Mexico. Her clients include organizations such as Deloitte, TD, Raymond James Financial, Rodan & Fields, Barron’s, the State of Georgia Department of Human Resources, the State of California Office of Child Abuse Prevention, Alcon, SunLife Financial and others. Dr. Biali Haas has been recognized as a Professional level member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the Global Speaker’s Federation.