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Our mission is to empower youth through education to take responsibility for their health, safety and well-being and that of their friends, families, colleagues and communities. We are a registered charity that has offered our program for free since our founding day. We believe that every young worker has a right to a free workplace safety education to keep themselves and others save, and to avoid unnecessary workplace accidents and fatalities.

SafeGen offers accredited workplace safety courses for youth aged 15-24 in Alberta.
• HCS 3000 - Workplace Safety Systems: This course will give students the fundamentals of workplace safety practices.
• HCS 3010 - Workplace Safety Practices: This course gives students even more in-depth safety knowledge and offers comprehensive information and instructions on specific safety situations.
• AGR 3000 - Agriculture Safety: This course teaches not only the basics of workplace safety, but also detailed information about specific safety issues and hazards on farms.

Students who pass these courses with 50% or greater receive one credit per course towards their Alberta high school diploma.

After completing our courses youth can:
• identify workplace hazards (in a variety of different industries)
• keep themselves and others safe
• hold themselves accountable
• learn employee responsibility
• add our certification to their resumes

Our JobSafe Program is offered year-round and has been designed to follow Alberta Education curriculum, as well as current OH&S legislation. Each year, over 5000 JobSafe courses are completed, and every year the number keeps getting higher.

Our JobSafe Program has a positive impact on the whole province of Alberta.

SafeGen strives to be a hub of information for educators, students, parents, and the community in general. Our website offers hundreds of valuable resources for educational use. SafeGen is involved in promoting youth workplace safety in several different ways in Alberta and s encourages other safety organizations, government departments and private sector companies to do the same.

How Alberta Benefits

Employers who hire youth educated in safety are less likely to be paying fines for incidents and experiencing lost-time.

Teachers have access to free accredited courses that are easy to administer, and they can help the students work towards a high school diploma.

Youth learn about their own personal safety, how to spot hazards and report them, and how to take responsibility for their own, and others’ safety. They will also have an advantage applying for jobs with their JobSafe certification.

Parents know that their children are more prepared to enter the workforce and can be more confident that they will return home safely.
For more information about SafeGen, the JobSafe Program, or our free workplace safety resources, visit www.safegen.ca.

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