Exhibitor Staff
Ruthann Weeks
Harmony In The Workplace
Cultural Change Strategist and Principal Consultant

Harmony in the Workplace

Harmony In The Workplace Ltd., located in Alberta, Canada specializes in workplace training, policy and procedure development, public speaking and resources related to workplace psychological safety, mental health, bullying, domestic and sexual violence and harassment, and diversity and inclusion.
Embracing corporate social innovation, we are a social enterprise that exists to educate on important issues affecting our workplaces and communities.

We have corporate social responsibility built into our business model and by choosing us as your service provider, you will contribute to domestic violence prevention initiatives.

Instructor and principal consultant, Ruthann Weeks is a human resource professional certified as a Psychological Health and Safety Advisor specializing in workplace violence and harassment awareness and prevention.

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Website: https://www.harmonyintheworkplace.com/

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