Exhibitor Staff
Linda Crawford
Alberta Blue Cross
Manager Corporate Wellness

The Wellness Summit Hosted by Alberta Blue Cross

Get inspired to explore fresh perspectives about workplace wellness and collaborate on what it takes to create a thriving organization at The Wellness Summit on April 21 and 22, hosted by Alberta Blue Cross. Combining resources and information from insightful and passionate thought leaders, this virtual summit will focus on key areas to support your understanding of how psychological safety, inclusive cultures and mental health can impact and shape wellness in the workplace.

Learn more and register today at https://www.notmyselftoday.ca/

Enjoy a Wellness Break hosted by Alberta Blue Cross!

Helpful Resources

Learn more and register today at thewellnesssummit.ca.

Workplace Wellness Framework: https://www.ab.bluecross.ca/resources/workplace-wellness-framework.php

Care Navigation Resources:

    1. Mental health: https://www.ab.bluecross.ca/resources/mental-health-support.php
    2. Chronic Disease Management: https://www.ab.bluecross.ca/resources/chronic-disease-management.php
    3. Lifestyle Management: https://www.ab.bluecross.ca/resources/lifestyle-management.php
    4. Connecting to Health Care: https://www.ab.bluecross.ca/resources/connecting-to-health-care.php

Whitepapers: https://www.ab.bluecross.ca/pdfs/group/GR20-101-workplace-wellness.pdf